Other shows, Sketches, Models, Drafting, Renderings

USMC air station Miramar
Rigged Stage
Scenic Designer. Ferndale Repertory Theatre
The Pumpkin coach
cinderalla coach
Beginning Sketch
pumpkin3 sketch
Working sketch in the build process
Gravity Defied
Scenic Designer
Humboldt State University
Built a 10' diameter "Plasma Ball"
plasma ball
Using rope lights, that had a chase effect. and collaborating with the lighting designer to make it pulse to the music
first dance sketch
Initial sketch
Droselmier Enterance
Arkley Center for the Performing Arts
In house Technical Director/ Production Manager, sound engineer, lighting designer

North Coast Dance
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This gallery is full of things that show mostly process. There are a few one off picturs from some other shows to help show the process.