Poems Transalted by Coleman Barks

Lighting Designer, Assistant Scenic Design

First poem
The poems were dances and the lights created movement
Orchestra of light
This was what the audience saw when they walked in. They heard the actors chanting for 2 min.
First person
After the 2 min the audience finally sees an actor
2nd poem
The mood changed with each poem
Using the lights to change focus
fan circle
Making the stage look smaller
Using silhouette to tell the story of a parrot
Rumi Track plan
12 different curtains that moved throughout this track
Whirling Dervish
Research Image for concept
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An Original peice directed by John Heckel
Scenic Design by Ivan Hess
Costume design By Jody Sekas

Rumi was a 13th centruy Sufi Mysitic poet who wrote around 1000 poems about peace and love.


My concept for this show was; The movement through time; Today is Tomorrows Yesterday


Using the lights to create movement from stationary postions. The idea of the whirling dervish